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Preventive examinations

As it can be understood from the expression itself, the purpose of preventive programmes is to detect the beginning of illnesses, which very often can not be seen, by examinations which complement each other. Illnesses which can not be seen are mainly those internal diseases that the patient does not notice or they have not been causing bigger problems yet.  Therefore it is sensible to undergo those preventive examinations, which are directed to the illnesses of internal organs (digestive tract, heart and veins, urologic and gynaecological illnesses, etc.).

Even the most serious illnesses have no symptoms at the initial stage, when it is still possible to help if detected early enough. We know that in their initial stage, when it is possible to do the most, the most insidious diseases cause no problems or pains. It is not possible either for the doctor or the patient to detect illnesses in their initial stages without diagnostic examinations. It this is the purpose of a preventive examination. When the symptoms appear it is often too late, and examination in that stage is not prevention anymore.

We started to carry out preventive examinations soon after the establishment (in 1993) and we have examined numerous individuals from Slovenia and abroad, from leading politicians to the managers of the most successful Slovenian companies and all other people who came to our Center because they care about their health.
Our Center is special as we carry out thorough and integral examinations. When illnesses of certain organs are being detected, several examinations have to be carried out in order to refute the illness. Only one examination may be falsely negative and lead to a wrong conclusion that the examinee is healthy. Therefore we emphasise the integrity of the examination of an individual organ, which is carried out by a doctor, specialist in an individual area.

Only an integral medical examination may lead to a clear diagnosis. This is the only way to calm down both, the examinee and the doctor.

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