Tests for the diagnosis of celiac disease

1. Basic examination: €50

a) The subject completes a short questionnaire with the help of a nurse,
b) blood for antibodies is taken (total IgA antibodies and anti-tissue transglutaminase (tTG) antibodies),
c) the doctor gives a brief opinion after receiving the test results, e.g.:
i. Celiac disease can be excluded almost with certainty (96%).
ii. Celiac disease is highly probable, further examinations are needed as soon as possible.
iii. The result is unclear. The doctor gives advice on further procedures or advises a regular check-up in the clinic.

Warning: The basic examination DOES NOT INCLUDE A MEDICAL EXAMINATION WITH THE DOCTOR nor review of the provided documents, but only the doctor's opinion on the basis of the obtained findings.

2. Extended examination: €125

The content of the examination is the same as for the basic examination, however, a genetic investigation of HLA DQB1 is additionally carried out, on the basis of which we can, in some cases with a high probability, exclude the possibility of the presence or the later development of celiac disease. 

A genetic investigation is particularly important for relatives of patients with celiac disease, but also for those who have already limited the amount of gluten in their diets, leading to the test results of the antibodies in the blood to be less reliable.

3. Follow-up examination: by appointment, only for patients already reliably diagnosed with celiac disease who only want the assessment of the current state.

4. Comprehensive examination: €575 

The examination is intended for those who wish to carry out all the examinations at once, in one morning, due to the lack of time and find out the diagnosis as soon as possible. Tests are normally carried out within an hour, and potential additional checks mostly on the same day. 

A comprehensive examination includes:

a) an in-depth consultation with the doctor,

b) complete laboratory tests with a blood count, basic biochemical tests (liver, kidney, electrolytes, iron, glucose, cholesterol), anti-tTG and EMA antibodies, genetics HLA DQB1, assessment of the lack of certain vitamins/minerals (25OH D3, folic acid, vitamin B12, zinc), determination of TSH to assess the thyroid function,

c) gastroscopy and histological examination of the duodenal samples.

A basic opinion is given at the examination, and detailed and reliable results of the tests follow within two weeks.

Common additional examinations to the comprehensive examination (not included in the price) are: skin allergy test (€40), a hydrogen breath test with lactose (€38), densitometry to assess bone mineral mass (€50). 

Examinations are only performed for adults.

To achieve a reliable result, gluten should be consumed normally at least three months prior to the examinations.