Colonoscopy is the endoscopic examination of the wide and final part of the small intestine. Here we present the basic principles for understanding the procedure - how it is performed, to which purpose it serves and what are the possible side effects. The text cannot provide answers to all of your questions, so if you require additional clarification, please ask your personal doctor, or the doctor who conducts the examination.

The purpose of colonoscopy

Preparation for the procedure

Brief description of the examination of intestine and duration of the procedure

Possible additional procedures

After colonoscopy

A colonoscopy can also be performed:

  • UNDER ANALGOSEDATION – where you are conscious but do not feel any pain
  • NEW! UNDER DEEP SEDATION – for those who are afraid of having a colonoscopy or whose condition complicates the performance of a colonoscopy, it is now possible to perform the procedure under deep sedation using propofol

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