• Patient during an ERCP investigation
    Patient during an ERCP investigation

ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography) is the examination of biliary and pancreatic ducts.

Here we present the basic principles for understanding the procedure - how it is performed, to which purpose it serves and what are the possible side effects. The text cannot provide answers to all of your questions, so if you require additional clarification, please ask your personal physician, or the doctor who conducts the examination.

What is ERCP?

Who performs ERCP?

When is ERCP needed?

Preparing for the procedure

What can you expect during an ERCP procedure?

What are the possible complications in ERCP?

What to expect after the ERCP procedure?

At Diagnostic Centre Bled, the mentioned examination is performed on referral or as self-pay.  More >>