NEW - Gynaecology clinic also in unit Ljubljana!

Gynaecology is one of the few areas of medicine where a very simple examination can detect precancerous cervical lesions and cervical cancer. This exam is called smear - PAP test. Women in Slovenia are entitled to a free examination once every 3 years in the event that previously, two PAP tests were I-negative and the patients have no risk factors.

In addition to observing cervical changes, the gynaecological examination also allows the detection of changes in the vagina, especially various inflammations. It is helpful for detecting tumours in the uterus or ovaries and different anatomical changes (uterus and vaginal ptosis, endometriosis of the pelvis). All these changes can be detected by palpation of the reproductive organs. As this is not a very reliable method, a big advance in this field was achieved with the introduction of the vaginal ultrasound examination. The latter is mostly performed in vague or suspicious findings in examination by palpation, or if the patient experiences problems which cannot be explained by a regular exam.

How the gynaecological examination looks like?

NEW - Preventive examination for Women

We have created a special preventive examination for women, which includes key medical examinations to check your "female" health.

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Breast ultrasound

The Diagnostic Centre Bled also performs breast ultrasound scans. A breast ultrasound is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure used as a standalone screening tool in women aged 50 or below or as an adjunct to mammography. 

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At Diagnostic Centre Bled, the mentioned examination is performed as self-pay.  More >>