Injections of concentrated autologous platelet-rich plasma – acp/prp (autologous conditioned plasma / platelet-rich plasma)

ACP/PRP therapy has been proven to be successful in:

  • problems due to lateral epicondylitis or medical epicondylitis, shoulder tendonitis,
  • insertional patellar tendinopathy (patellar tendinosis, jumper’s knee),
  • early forms of joint wear,
  • inflammation (tendinosis) of the Achilles tendon.

Concentrated autologous platelet-rich plasma is a novelty in the treatment of inflamed tendons and early forms of joint impairment. For the treatment, a preparation from the patient's blood is prepared. It is followed by a special treatment of the sample, taken under sterile conditions. Growth factors and cytosines, which are released by platelets, play an important role in the treatment and regeneration of tissue. Directly after the collection, the preparation of platelet-rich plasma is applied to the affected area under sterile conditions. In this way we slow down the progression of wear and accelerate the reconstruction of the damaged tendons.

In case of acute injuries we apply a single injection, in the case of inflammation of the tendons we usually repeat it twice with an interval of at least one week, while joint wear requires three injections in 14-day intervals.

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