Puncture of the joint and the application of a pain block

A diagnostic puncture of the joint is carried out, when effusion is present in the joint. Effusion in the joint may occur due to degenerative changes, or it may be a consequence of injury or sepsis of the joint. Effusion is also present in crystal-induced arthritis (gout, pyrophosphate) or in the context of the rheumatic diseases. After the examination the orthopaedist evaluates the type of effusion and suggests further examinations and treatments.

The common orthopedic blockade with a combination of local anaesthetic and corticosteroid offers temporary assistance to the patient. It is usually decided upon in the case of advanced joint wear, and in the case of mild wear we advise treatment with ACP/PRP or the application of hyaluronic acid.

Therapeutic blockade is applied in the case of tendon insertion inflammations, but for safety reasons we have lately been recommending ACP/PRP therapy to patients, since it has fewer side effects and a more permanent effect.

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