Urological specialist examination

General urological specialist examination begins with a clinical examination.

In most patients we perform ultrasound examination of kidneys and bladder. In men, we also urologically examine the prostate. If necessary, we perform laboratory tests of urine and blood. In male patients above a certain age we also check their blood for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen). Male patients undergo a computerized measurement of urinary flow (uroflow), which enables better diagnostically possibilities and control over the prescribed therapy. If any of the results are pathological, more extensive exams follow (native and contrast X-rays, urethrocystoscopy, transrectal ultrasound and ultrasound-guided puncture of the prostate.)

When the stone is larger or obstructs the flow of urine, a hollow tube is inserted for internal drainage, in order to protect the kidneys against high urine pressure. The drainage tube is inserted through the urethra and passes from bladder to the renal pelvis. Follow-up exams after ESWL are performed at our Centre or at the referring urologist's.

At Diagnostic Centre Bled, the mentioned examination is performed on referral or as self-pay.  More >>