Cardiological specialist examination

Cardiological specialist examination

Cardiological exam involves procedures focused on evaluation of the cardiovascular system and identification of potential risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. First, a nurse measures the blood pressure, weight and height and waist circumference. She also records an ECG. A discussion with the doctor follows, where we talk about potential risk factors.

If necessary, we collect blood for laboratory tests. Then follows the exercise stress testing on a treadmill, and at the discretion of the physician, also the ultrasound of carotid arteries.

The results of the mentioned examinations help us to evaluate the degree of risk for the occurrence of fatal vascular diseases of the heart, brain or limbs. In agreement with the patient, a treatment plan is proposed to prevent the occurrence and further deterioration of cardiovascular diseases. With every patient we try to evaluate the possibilities for leading a healthier life style. We try to eliminate the risk factors which arise from past habits or patient’s life style. If necessary, we agree on the use of medications to prevent or treat cardiovascular diseases. When the results of the examinations reveal a severe obstruction of the coronary arteries and the imminent risk of a heart stroke in the near future, the patient is advised to undergo further examination.

Basic information about the examination

Locations of cardiological specialist examination

  • Bled | Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled
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