Clinic for pulmonary disease, respiratory problems and second opinion in the case of previously diagnosed lung disease.

The Pulmonary Clinic at the Diagnostic Centre Bled is intended for anyone with lung disease, unexplained respiratory problems, or anyone with a previously diagnosed lung disease seeking a second opinion from a specialist pulmonologist.

We ask you to bring all the medical reports of your treatment with you, as the diagnostic procedure will take a lot less time if the examinations are not duplicated.

The following services are available at the Pulmonary Clinic of the Diagnostic Centre Bled:


You have been diagnosed with lung disease but want to get a second opinion from a specialist doctor. The package includes examination of medical records and specialist examination by a pulmonology specialist and one follow-up appointment at the request of the patient.


Several medical and technical devices are available for treatment or daily regular respiratory therapy for pulmonary disease. If you are not completely sure how to use a particular device or how to include it in your therapy, your doctor will advise you and explain how it works.


Prof. Matjaž Fležar, M.D. is a top expert in internal medicine and pulmonology. Our pulmonary clinic also offers you individual classes about lung disease (asthma, COPB, interstitial disease, allergic respiratory diseases, cystic fibrosis, smoking cessation …). In class, you will receive material on the disease, the lessons are interactive, and your relatives are welcome. The pulmonary disease class includes two visits to the pulmonary clinic.

Basic information about the examination

Locations of Pulmonology examinations

  • Bled | Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled
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