Clinic for pulmonary disease – SECOND OPINION PACKAGE

The Pulmonary Clinic at the Diagnostic Centre Diagnostični center Bled is intended for anyone with a previously diagnosed lung disease seeking a second opinion from a specialist pulmonologist.

The second opinion includes a review of the existing medical documentation that you bring with you, a commentary on the diagnosis of the disease and the treatment procedure, and any recommendations for further treatment. Based on the second opinion, you can check the appropriateness of your treatment and therapy, as well as further clarify your previously diagnosed disease. The second opinion does not include any additional diagnostic procedures and examinations.

Prof. Matjaž Fležar, M.D. is a top expert in internal medicine and pulmonology.

Basic information about the examination

Locations of Pulmonology examinations

  • Bled | Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled
Appointment - Self pay
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