Before the arrival

At this site you can find information about everything that you need to do before you come to our Centre, and about the things that you will need for the examination.

After you have made an appointment at our Centre, we will send you a written notice and any additional instructions. The written notice shall indicate the date and time of the admission.

In the event that you have other unavoidable commitments on that day, please contact us as soon as possible by calling our scheduling service at 04 5798 100. If we are not notified that you are unable to attend your appointment, some other patient who could be having an examination instead of you will have to wait longer. In addition, our medical staff will have nothing to do during that time.

Do not forget to bring:

  • your health insurance card
  • all medications which you are taking,
  • a list of specific questions that you have, but might forget them upon arrival to the Centre