Upon departure

Upon completion of the examination, you will receive a medical report, which will be handed over to you at your departure or send by post. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and the behaviour of the staff, but if you wish to provide feedback about our work, you can also do so on these pages.

After your examination is completed, you will return to the reception desk where they will tell you whether you will wait for the report at the reception hall, or the report will be delivered to you by mail. In the event that you cannot wait for the report, tell so at the reception, where they will make sure that it will be delivered to you by mail in a few days.

After you have completed your exam, in some cases, you may require additional or repeated diagnostic tests or procedures, to which you will be referred by our doctor. The receptionist will direct you to our appointment scheduling service, where you can arrange a suitable date and time for your next or additional examination.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

We hope that your visit of our Centre will be pleasant. Our staff will do everything in their power to ensure this. It may happen that our services will not be the way you expected them to be. In such case, we need to know this, because it is the only way to improve our Centre. Please, enter any comments or suggestions to improve the level of any health services into the Book of complaints and suggestions, which is located at the front desk and in every room, or do so on this website.

Respectful behaviour

You have the right to expect that our staff will always treat you and your visitors with kindness and respect. And vice versa - our staff has the right to carry out their work without fear of verbal, physical and racial harassment or abuse. At any incident of unacceptable behaviour, we will take appropriate action.