Before the arrival

In this section you will find some basic instructions and suggestions for the time before you are admitted to the Centre. Perhaps you will find useful the suggestions about what to bring along and what to do with your valuables and the medications you are taking.

After you have made an appointment at our Centre, we will send you a written notice and any additional instructions. The written notice shall indicate the date and time of the admission. In the event that you have other unavoidable commitments on that day, please contact us as soon as possible by calling the telephone number that is written on the notice.

We suggest you to bring: 

  • pyjamas or nightgown,
  • robe, slippers,
  • toothpaste, soap and other toiletries,
  • razors and shaving accessories, 
  • medications which you are taking,
  • something to kill time - books, magazines, crossword puzzles,
  • a small amount of money (during the stay at our inpatient unit, you must pay extra 10 €, even if you have a referral for examinations)
  • contact number of your family or friends.

A bath towel, toilet paper and other utilities will be provided by us. 


Please do not bring any valuables - jewellery, or large sums of money. If this is unavoidable, you are advised to deposit your money and valuables at the reception. They will be catalogued and put in a safe, and you will receive a receipt. We will not be held responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings.


During your stay in the Centre you may continue to take all the medications which you take at home, if still necessary, as prescribed. If, prior to the arrival to our Centre, you were taking any medicines that had been either prescribed by a general practitioner, or which you had bought by yourself in a pharmacy, please bring them with you. Show them to the doctor who will see you after you are admitted to the Centre. It is very important to know exactly what medications you are taking, so we can determine the best treatment for you.

This applies to all inhalers, creams or drops which you may be using. Medications should be kept in original packaging, and they must have all the necessary notes from the pharmacy.