Departure from the Centre

Here are some tips about what to do when you leave our Centre. After your examination and testing are completed, a doctor will discuss the outcome with you and you will also receive a discharge letter. The findings of the examination will be forwarded to your personal physician.
When you are done with the examinations, please leave the room on the day of your departure until 12:00 and wait for your discharge papers in the reception on the ground floor, (if the papers haven not been delivered to you yet). In the event that your planned examinations or tests are not completed by 12:00 o'clock, you may stay in the room and follow the instructions of the staff.

On the day you are discharged, you can usually expect to go home early in the afternoon. However, when on the day of departure your examinations are scheduled at a later time, the time of your discharge from the Centre will be moved to the late afternoon hours. In case of compliance with medical criteria and the criteria of distance, as well as at the request of your physician, we can provide you with an organized transport by ambulance.

Notice to the personal physician

The doctor at the Centre who conducted the examination will write to your personal (general) physician and explain the findings about your medical condition based on the examination results (diagnosis). If you prefer that your personal physician is not informed about your diagnosis, please contact the head nurse, or the nurse who is in charge of your care.

Before leaving

  • at the reception you receive your discharge letter (letter of discharge), which will be also sent by mail to your personal physician,
  • return the room key,
  • ask for the money and valuables which you have handed in care,
  • settle the fee for a higher standard of accommodation 10 EUR per day (for all patients).


In the event that our doctor believes that you need treatment, the doctor will also give you further instructions on taking medications. The medical record with the results, which you will give to your personal physician, will provide information about your treatment in the Centre and recommendations for future medical care.

Health checkups for outpatients

If you require additional or follow-up examination as outpatient when you leave our Centre, we will suggest a few possible dates for the exam. The date and time of your next health check can be arranged already at the time of your departure from the Centre with our appointment scheduling service, which can be found on the ground floor at the reception.