Performing the examinations

There are specific instructions for each test and exam, which can be found on the pages which relate to that procedure. You can find the procedure in which you are particularly interested, on the Activities subpages. At this page, however, you can find a few general instructions and information about the procedures, your written statement of consent and medical information that we collect and store.

Consenting to a medical examination

During your stay at the Centre, the medical personnel will, at your request, further clarify the risks, benefits and possible alternatives to any proposed type of examination. The doctors at our Centre are highly qualified specialists, so there are relatively few cases when complications occur. However, every procedure carries a certain level of risk, and some of the expected types of complications may ensue.

Before performing any procedure, we must obtain your written authorization, so you will be asked to sign a consent form. If you are unsure about any aspect of the proposed examination, please feel free to talk to our attending doctor who will be happy to explain any unclear notion.

Some exams do not require a formal written consent, but at your request, the staff will explain all risks, benefits and alternatives before you undertake the procedure.

Information about your medical condition

Upon arrival to the Centre, you will be asked about certain information relating mainly to your medical condition and risk factors, which will enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Why do we need this information?

This information would enable us to find as accurate diagnosis as possible, as well as provide the necessary treatment. The information is kept on file, together with the details about performed exams and tests, in case you visit again.

Who can access the information?

By law, we are obliged to treat the information about you and your medical condition as confidential. The access to this information is granted to our doctors and other health professionals who are bound by the code to keep it confidential. You are also entitled to access your medical records, although this might not be possible on the very day when you request it.

In more difficult cases, the doctor who performed your examination consults with other doctors, who meet on a daily basis. These meetings are attended by all doctors who are specialized in one of our core activities. In this way, you will get comprehensive instructions about the further treatment procedure.