Staying at the Centre

Upon arrival at the Centre, first register at our front desk.
We offer modernly furnished hotel-type rooms.  

With us you are accommodated in rooms with higher standard, where your staying is more comfortable than in hospitals. Two patients are staying in one room. The room has its own bathroom and balcony and is pleasantly furnished.

In our Centre we follow certain internal rules. To ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible, it is best that you become familiar with them prior to your arrival. 

On these pages you can find information about the admission to our Centre and your room accommodation. You can also learn when you will be visited by your attending doctor, where you will eat, how the room is equipped and when is your presence at the Centre mandatory. A few words area also written about the medical staff and their recognisability. Here you can also find useful information about the ban on smoking, alcohol consumption, and mobile phone use.

All patients pay €10 per day for accommodation at the Diagnostic Centre Bled, regardless of whether they were referred by a physician or are paying for their examination themselves. 

Staying with us


Mandatory presence and leisure time

Leaving the Centre

Nursing staff

Cleaning ladies

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Mobile phones

Locking the front door