Appointment with referral

Soon after the centre was established, a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia was concluded and concession was granted, and this is why most tests and examinations at our centre can be done with a referral. There are many options of how to make an appointment at the diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled.

How can you apply for an examination?





If your examination is by a referral, you should bring with you your health card and any existing medical records from your previous examinations on the day of your examination.

If you don’t have supplementary health insurance, you cover some of the costs yourself; you will pay 20% of the price of the examination. Please see detailed instructions in the section APPOINTMENTS - SELF PAY.

If you make an appointment using a referral, note that there is a waiting period for most examinations (a few days for some, a few weeks for others). By clicking WAITING TIMES you can check how long you will have to wait for an examination at a certain clinic.

The referring doctor decides the urgency of the examination. The degrees of urgency listed on the referral have changed with the new law as did the deadline until when the patient must submit the referral to a health facility. If this is not done in time, the referral is no longer valid.

  • a referral with the degree of urgency URGENT (NUJNO in Slovene) must be submitted within 24 hours of being issued (patients with the degree of urgency urgent are treated with priority),
  • a referral with the degree of urgency VERY FAST (ZELO HITRO) must be submitted within five days of being issued,
  • a referral with the degree of urgency FAST (HITRO) or REGULAR (REDNO) must be submitted within 14 days of being issued.