Appointment with referral

Most of the examinations and tests at our Centre can be performed on referral, since we have obtained a concession and a signed a contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia soon after the establishment.

In accordance with the Regulation on the maximum allowable waiting periods for individual health services and on the management of waiting lists (Official Gazette RS, no. 63/2010 dated 3. 8. 2010), we need the patients who want to have an examination or test in our Centre, to send a referral from their GP (or other referring doctor) by mail in advance. Please note down your phone number on the referral, so we will be able to call you as soon as possible after receiving the referral and then determine the date of your examination or test.

Referral from your personal physician (or other referring doctor) must be delivered to us at the time of scheduling the date of the examination or test in our Centre.
Please send us the original referral. Unfortunately we are unable to accept photocopies or scanned referrals. From September 2010 onwards, without the receipt of the original referral, making an appointment by telephone is no longer possible.

Your referral for examinations and tests in Bled should be sent to: Diagnostični center Bled, Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled.

For examinations and tests in the Ljubljana branch send us the original referral to Diagnostični center Bled, Podružnica Ljubljana, Barvarska steza 4, 1000 Ljubljana.

You can bring in the original referral to the Centre personally, our health administrators at the reception are always available to you.

On the day of the examination, in the event that you have a referral, bring your health insurance card and any existing medical records from your previous examinations.
Patients who will, in agreement with us, stay in the inpatient unit, bring comfortable clothes and toiletries.

In case you do have the supplementary health insurance, you have to pay the costs of 20% of the price of the examination or test. Please see the detailed instructions on SELF-PAY SERVICES.
The referring doctor also decides whether an examination is urgent. The patients with a referral which is marked URGENT, are of course given priority.

If you wish to make an appointment on referral, there is a waiting period for the majority of examinations (for some few days, in other clinics a few weeks). By clicking on WAITING TIMES you check how much time it is required to wait for an examination at each clinic.

In case a medical institution wishes to perform activities by referral, it needs to conclude an annual contract with the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, which states the number of points on referral that can be performed by the institution in one year. These points are then divided by the number of working days, and this is how we obtain the number of patients who can be examined on referral that day. If we conducted more referral examinations than predicted on that day, our costs would not be reimbursed. Because of this, waiting times occur, and we also perform the activities as self-paid services, which enables the patients to come to an examination as soon as possible.