Types of health checkups

In Diagnostic Centre Bled, we are focused mainly on gastrointestinal diseases (gastroenterology) and urinary tract disorders (urology), where we employ several top doctors and invest the largest part of the funds for medical equipment. In addition to the mentioned two activities, we also perform a number of others which in a sensible way complement the main two, so that the medical condition of an individual can be assessed in a comprehensive and thorough manner.

We put great emphasis mainly on our X-ray and ultrasound clinic, cardiological clinic (cardiovascular diseases), gynaecological (female diseases), orthopaedic (bones and joints), thyroidological clinic (thyroid diseases) and clinic for osteoporosis (brittle bone disease).The Allergological clinic, which specializes primarily in allergies related to the digestive system and other adverse reactions to food (e.g. celiac disease), is becoming more important every day.

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