Participants' impressions

On behalf of the entire team of our company who underwent the preventive examinations in your Diagnostic Centre in Bled, we thank you for the exceptional expertise, willingness, commitment, kindness and a wonderful reception and treatment. Thank you and also all of your professional colleagues involved. In any case, your institution is worthy of the best recommendations.
(A female patient, April 2014)

Dear Sir or Madam!
Thank you very much for the professional examination and attitude towards patients. During a visit to such an establishment, one feels confident and hopeful about the Slovenian healthcare. Thank, I wish you a lot of success and commitment to your work in the future as well.

(A female patient, February 2013)

Even on vacation people are not as nice as here. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. Many places should follow your example. Stay the way you are, amiable, warm and humane!
(A female patient, July 2011)

During my stay at your Centre, I entrusted you with my greatest asset - my health. You have checked it, gave me the information and overview of my state, as well as the instructions to preserve, maintain and revitalize my health. I am sincerely grateful to you, because you have done this with a high degree of professionalism and warmth of human kindness. My sincere thanks to all of you. Yours faithfully!
(A male patient, November 2010)

Excellent work organization. It all takes place in stages, continuously updated, but still without the unnecessary haste and hysteria. Some examinations are not the most pleasant, but the friendly staff and the friendly attitude of the entire collective makes even the less pleasant checks easier to endure. I created my opinion based on the in-depth professional approach: "If there is a place and time where they succeed to diagnose a disease, then this is certainly Diagnostic Centre Bled."
(A male patient, September 2010)

The honourable collective of Diagnostic Centre Bled! Yet no healthcare institution treated me not so kindly, and kept impressing me with their approach to patient all the way to the end of the exam. In every way, you gave your best, explained to me in detail the course of the examination, the causes of my health problems, and advised me in a caring way on the best course of further treatment. All the staff were exceptionally kind towards me. This is very rare elsewhere! I warmly thank you for this experience and wish you further success in your work!
(A female patient, July 2009)

We were afraid of the examinations, but at the very first contact with the friendly nurses and doctors, our fear disappeared. We both agreed that, for the first time in our lives, we experienced such personal and genuine approach by a doctor. All the doctors who examined us were great, professional, with a feeling for the patient. It is really great when you can establish such direct relationship with the doctor, when you are treated as an equal partner in a conversation, and the doctor has a great deal of respect for the patient. All ailments then appear smaller, and the confidence that they will help you is strong. Without exception, the nurses entered the room with a smile, encouraged us and were generally very friendly. Amazing atmosphere! Thank you all and to each individually!
(Two female patients, April 2004)

After a few preventive examinations in Slovenia, I finally found what I've always wanted. A thorough and comprehensive examination, I could say the actual 'human servicing'. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism and great attitude towards patients by all employees. I will be gladly and with confidence coming back to your Centre.
(A male patient, February 2002)

Note: The authenticity of these statements can be checked at the company's headquarters in Diagnostic Centre Bled. For the purposes of this publication, we had the statements proofread.