Cardiological Check-up

Did you know that the heart pumps a minimum of 5 litres of blood through the body per minute and 7,000 litres per day?

The heart is of essential importance for health, so we have prepared a target cardiological preventive check-up, through which you will find out how healthy and strong your heart is. The cardiological check-up is focused on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and includes the following examinations:

Target laboratory analyses

Anthropometrical measurements on the basis of the body mass index

ECG when relaxed


Ultrasound of the heart

Ultrasound of the cervical arteries

Stress testing on a stationary bicycle or cycloergometry

Specialist cardiological examination with the end opinion and evaluation of the risks factors for the occurrence of cardiovascular disease

Cardiological Check-ups are performed at pre-arranged dates in Bled and in Ljubljana subsidiary.

Price: €380

Questions and appointments

For additional information or to make an appointment for preventive health evaluations, please contact us at:

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