Comprehensive Health Evaluation

The two-day comprehensive preventive examination, which is carried out in Bled, involves the largest number of tests and is the most comprehensive and thorough. Our doctors therefore recommend it especially for those patients who are having the examination for the first time, or whose last examination was several years ago.

Comprehensive preventive examination consists of the following tests and services:

Medical care

A comprehensive internistic treatment

Comprehensive laboratory tests

Ultrasound and X-ray examinations

Gastroenterological examinations and diagnostics

Gynaecological examination and diagnostics - women

Urological examination and diagnostics - males

Cardiological examination and diagnostics


Orthopaedic examination

Otolaryngological examination

Specialist dermatological examination with the examination of moles

Nutrition Consultation

Further examinations

Duration of the comprehensive health examination in Bled is two working days. The comprehensive health examination starts on Monday morning and ends late in the afternoon on Tuesday. It is carried out according to a schedule that your get upon arrival to our centre.

By way of exception, the comprehensive health examination may also be carried out at weekends upon prior arrangement. Preventive health examination on weekends are intended for groups of at least eight examinees, who, due to the nature of their work, can not attend examinations during working days. These examinations are carried out on Fridays afternoon and on Saturdays.

Questions and making an appointment

For explanations and making an appointment for Preventive Health Evaluations, please contact:

Vanja Vozelj:
T: +386 (0)4 579 82 93

Romana Lenarčič: 
T: +386 (0)4 579 84 08