Preventive examination for Women

For every woman who has decided that now is the time to look after yourself and would like to check the health of your “female” health.

Gynaecological examinations

Breast ultrasound

Extensive laboratory tests

Ultrasound of abdominal organs



An examination by a specialist in internal medicine, including an opinion

The preventive examination has been developed for women

  • who are deciding to start a family and need to make sure that their body is healthy and ready for pregnancy,
  • who have cases of reproductive system and/or breast diseases in the family,
  • who want more than merely a gynaecological examination,
  • who want to check their health quickly and in one place.

For more information about the preventive examination for women please read also the flyer below.

Under the Slovenian ZDDV-1 Act the VAT (Value Added Tax) is not charged for medical services.

Price: €465.00

Additional questions and making an appointment

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