Where and when are they performed?

Preventive health evaluations are performed at our two locations: in Bled (Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled), where our centre is embraced by beautiful nature, and in Ljubljana (Bavarska steza 4, 1000 Ljubljana), in the friendly centre of the city.

Comprehensive preventive evaluations are performed in Bled. They usually take two days. You arrive for the examination on Monday at 7.30am and are finished on Tuesday in the afternoon.

The comprehensive preventive evaluation can under exceptional circumstances and after prior arrangement also be performed at the weekend. The preventive weekend programmes are intended for groups of at least eight patients who cannot have the examinations during the week due to the nature of their work. The programmes are performed on Friday afternoons and on Saturdays.

The essential health evaluation is carried out on Thursdays afternoon at our Ljubljana subsidiary. Patients are scheduled to arrive at our centre at 12.00 mid-day. The programme finishes on the same day around 7.30pm and is carried out according to the schedule which you will receive when you arrive at our centre. Exceptionally you can also be examined in Bled, where you can arrive on Monday at 9.00am and finish the examination at around 5.30pm.

Gastroenterological check-ups are performed at pre-arranged dates at our Ljubljana subsidiary, where ambulatory examinations are performed and patients prepare for the examination by themselves at home, while it is also possible to arrange a hospital examination in Bled.

Cardiological check-ups are performed at pre-arranged dates in Bled and in our Ljubljana subsidiary.