The rights and duties of patients

n accordance with the provisions of the Patient Rights Act (Official Gazette RS No. 15/2008, hereinafter referred to as PRA), and on the basis of the adopted regulations, Diagnostic Centre Bled provides the implementation of the rights in order to contribute in this way to improving the quality of health and patient care services which are available to you at our Centre.

Patient’s Rights Act, in addition to patients’ rights, also contains provisions on patient’s duties, which are also listed below.

PATIENT'S RIGHTS, governed by Article 5 of PRA

  • the right to access to health care and provision of preventive services,
  • the right to equal access and treatment in health care,
  • the right to free choice of the physician and the provider of health care services,
  • the right to adequate, quality and safe health care,
  • the right to due consideration of the patient’s time,
  • the right to being informed and to take part,
  • the right to make independent decisions on the course of the medical treatment,
  • the right to consider the previously expressed wishes of the patient,
  • the right to prevent and alleviate pain,
  • the right to a second opinion,
  • the right of insight into medical files,
  • the right to privacy and protection of personal data protection,
  • the right to launch proceedings in case of violation of patient’s rights,
  • The right to free assistance in exercising patient’s rights.

Patients' duties

In order to achieve high quality and safe medical care, in accordance with the Article 54 of Patient Rights Act, every patient is obliged to:

  • actively participate in protecting, enhancing and restoring their own health,
  • at the time of illness comply with the expert instructions and treatment plans to which the patient has agreed verbally or in writing,
  • provide the competent doctor and other competent healthcare staff and healthcare professionals with all the necessary and truthful information concerning their health condition that they are aware of and is important for further medical care, in particular the informationabout their current and past injuries and illnesses and their treatment, as well as family medical history, possible allergies and any medications the patients might be taking,
  • inform medical and healthcare professionals about any sudden changes in health status that occur during treatment,
  • consider and respect the privacy and other rights of other patients, medical and healthcare personnel,
  • respect the house rules, published schedules and required organizational procedures of the health care providers,
  • timely inform the health care provider about the possible default of the examination or treatment.

You can read more about patient’s rights and responsibilities in the brochure entitled Kaj vam prinaša Zakon o pacientovih pravicah (What will the Patient’s Rights Act bring), issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia.
You can also check the poster on the rights and duties of patients, which was made at Diagnostic Centre Bled, and is available in the waiting rooms of the Centre.

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