Zvone Novina

Zvone Novina – CEO

Lenča Može

Lenča Može – director of finance

prim. Milan Stefanovič, dr. med.

prim. Milan Stefanovič, dr. med. – medical director


Nataša Brglez Jurečič, md.

She completed her specialization in internal medicine in 2005, and she has been engaged in gastroenterology since 2006. She joined the team at the diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled in June 2018. She has more than a decade of experience in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy diagnostics and therapy, and she regularly attends trainings in Slovenia and abroad. Since 2010, she has cooperated in the SVIT preventive programme as a screening endoscopist. She has been engaged in the issues of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in a specialist clinic, and she also completed an additional training in the field of patient management undergoing biological therapy of IBD. In the future, she wishes to further deepen her knowledge in the field of therapeutic procedures in gastrointestinal endoscopy as well as to expand her knowledge and gain experience in other forms of endoscopic diagnostics; she is especially interested in endoscopic ultrasound.

Miran Drenovec, md.

Miran Drenovec, md.

He joined the Diagnostični center Bled team in the autumn of 1994. He has been involved with internal medicine in gastroenterology since his specialization. In this area he manages all endoscopic examinations, including ultrasound tests. His specialist clinics primarily target the problems connected with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. In the future he wishes to further advance his knowledge in the field of endoscopic examination.

Dejan Galič md.

Borut Gubina, md.

Borut Gubina made a specialisation from urology in 2008. He has been employed in the diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled since 2017, and prior to this he worked at the Urology Clinic at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana since 2004, where he was deeply engaged with prostate, kidney and bladder diseases. He carried out all diagnostic examinations of urological organs and operational procedures, particularly in the field of urological oncology. Additionally, he introduced the detection of pudendal nerve entrapment and functional urology. He was also a reference urologist for paraplegic persons. In his work, he pays a lot of attention to the detection and treatment of prostate cancer. In the future, he wishes to further educate in this area.

Lidija Kaučevič Pohar, md.

Lidija Kaučevič Pohar, md.

She has been employed at Diagnostični center Bled since 2006 and she is the manager of the inpatient unit. She extensively studies the diseases of modern era, such as arterial hypertension, obesity, diabetes and blood lipid disorders which lead to premature heart failure and cardiovascular diseases. She conducts non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostics, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, performs stress testing and ultrasound of carotid arteries. She also runs a clinic for osteoporosis, which deals with the timely detection and treatment of this disease.

Rajko Knežević, md.

Rajko Knežević, md.

Rajko Knežević has practised gastroenterology since 2003 and has been part of the Diagnostični center Bled’s team since 2015, performing diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopies and ultrasounds. In addition to constantly working on improving his skills in those areas, he also wants to start performing interventional procedures in the near future.

Ljiljana Ljepović, md.

Ljiljana Ljepović, md.

Since 2000, she has been working in Diagnostični center Bled, engaged in gastroenterology with endoscopic diagnostics (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) and medical treatment. She is particularly focused on hepatology (liver diseases). In addition to gastroenterology, she very professionally runs the preventive screening programmes, particularly those aimed at executives (the so-called executive health exams). She published a larger number of scientific articles on the importance of preventive screenings. Given the increasing incidence of burnout syndrome among the executives, she warned about these issues in her expert lectures.

Boris Palek, md.

Boris Palek completed his medical specialisation in 1998. He has been employed at the Diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled since April 2019, but already worked at the centre between 1998 and 2005. He works at the Diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled as a ward doctor and as a doctor at the osteoporosis clinic. In 2003, he gained an international certificate in clinical densitometry (DXA) for the field of osteoporosis in Los Angeles.

mag. Zoran Stanišić, md.

mag. Zoran Stanišić, md.

Zoran Stanišić brings a wealth of experience in gastroenterology to the Diagnostični center Bled from the Novi Sad University Medical Centre and the Rogaška Medical Centre, where he served as the Medical Director between 2004 and 2015. After graduating, he completed postgraduate studies in internal medicine and a subspecialization in gastroenterology.

Seeking to expand his knowledge even further, he went on to complete postgraduate studies at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies of the University of Belgrade and a master’s degree in pancreatology and computer science. He also worked as an assistant, transferring his knowledge and experience in internal medicine to younger generations.

Dr Stanišić’s work in gastroenterology is focused on diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy – upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy (gastroscopy and colonoscopy) and endoscopic ultrasound of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, and proctology.

Samo Starman, md.

After graduation and specialization at the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, he worked at the Institute of Oncology in the field of tumor pathology, mostly of soft tissues, thyroid glands, breasts and digestive tract. Then he was employed in the Izola GH, where he worked in the fields of general pathology and cytology.

In 2018, he started working in the diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled, where he has been deeply engaged mainly in gastrointestinal and urological pathology and pathology of dermatologic conditions. In the future, he wishes to further educate in these areas.

prim. Milan Stefanovič, dr. med.

prim. Milan Stefanovič, dr. med.

He has been employed at Diagnostični center Bled since 1993 and has worked as the head of gastroenterological affairs as well as the medical director of the Centre. He is devoted to his profession, and in DC Bled he promotes the great tradition of gastrointestinal endoscopy. As an outstanding professional and excellent therapist he tackles even the most difficult endoscopic interventions and also successfully resolves them, always considering the patient’s safety and benefits. His contribution to the improved quality of endoscopy on the Slovenian ground is significant. His main activity, in addition to endoscopic diagnostics and treatment, is also prevention and early detection of the colorectal cancer and treatment of pancreatic diseases.

m.sc. Dejan Urlep, md.

m.sc. Dejan Urlep, md.

Employed at Diagnostični center Bled since 2009, he operates in gastroenterology. He performs gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound examination of the abdomen and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). As a diagnostic tool, he most enjoys to perform ERCP, and sees the greatest chance of professional growth in endoscopic ultrasound. In addition to the hitherto in-depth study of medicine, his wishes for the future are to expand his view of the world by experiencing interesting leisure activities.

Jasna Volfand, md.

Jasna Volfand, md.

Her area of expertise at Diagnostični center Bled from 1993 on is gastroenterology with endoscopic (gastroscopy) and ultrasound diagnostics. She focuses more specifically on allergology and immunology, as well as nutrition, and because of this her Allergy clinic deals with gastrointestinal allergic disorders, celiac disease and various other forms of adverse reactions to food. She passed the European Examination in Allergology and looks forward to a continued education in clinical nutrition.

Irena Žnideršič, md.

Irena Žnideršič, md.

Irena Žnideršič, who boasts many years of experience in hospital diagnostics and emergency radiological diagnostics (CT, X-ray, ultrasound), has worked at the Diagnostični center Bled since 2016. She performs abdominal, breast, testicle, neck soft tissue and prostate examinations using state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.

She has attended a number of professional training courses abroad to perfect her knowledge of muscle and joint ultrasound diagnostics and gained extensive experience during her many years of working in the field. Dr Žnideršič is also highly experienced in performing ultrasound-guided procedures such as prostate biopsies and shoulder calcium deposit removals.

In the future, she aims to expand her knowledge and gain experience in other forms of diagnostics, especially MRI diagnostics. 

chief physician Darko Zorman, md.


Andreja Širca Čampa bsc.

Andreja Širca Čampa has worked with the Diagnostični center Bled as a clinical dietitian since 2016. After completing a bachelor’s degree in food technology and gaining a general knowledge of food science and nutrition at the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, she went on to gain more specific knowledge and experience in diet therapy at the Pediatric Clinic in Ljubljana, where she works as the head of the Department of Nutrition, Dietotherapy and Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Širca Čampa has extensive experience in nutrition for patients with diabetes, coeliac disease, allergies, obesity, chronic kidney disease and intestinal disorders as well as the more specific areas of nutrition for cancer patients and patients with congenital metabolic disorders and eating disorders. She has also authored or co-authored a number of professional works. 


chief physician assist. mag. Igor Bizjak

Urška Bregar md.

asist. dr. Jana Bremec md.

asist. dr. Jana Bremec md.

Jana Debeljak completed her medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana  with distinction and passed her specialist exam in dermatovenereology with commendation. She works at the Division of Dermatovenereology at the UMC Ljubljana and has collaborated with the Diagnostični center Bled as an external associate since 2016.

Dr Debeljak’s work is focused on dermatooncology, dermatosurgery and general dermatology. She finished her doctoral studies in biomedical technology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Maribor in 2018. During her specialization studies, she attended conferences and training courses in Slovenia and abroad to gain further knowledge and experience.

In 2015, Dr Debeljak trained for a month under the world-renowned dermatovenereologist José Bernabé Witte at the Virgen del Rocio hospital in Sevilla.

Tomi Bremec md.

Igor Dražić md.

chief physician dr. Ivan Ferkolj md.

Massimo Gatto md.

Massimo Gatto studied medicine in Palermo, Italy, and completed specialization in urology in Hannover, Germany. He has collaborated with Diagnostični center Bled since 2007. He deals with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of kidney stones and urinary tract stones – ESWL, preventive urological examinations and general urological diagnostics, which includes the urinary tract ultrasound, endoscopic diagnostics – cystoscopy, retrograde ureterography, insertion of a stent prior to ESWL, ultrasound-guided punch biopsy of the prostate and andrology.

Andrej Gruden md.

Zlatko Iternička md.

Ivan Kos md.

asist. dr. Nina Kovačević, md.

chief physician Boštjan Lavrenčak md.

As a specialist otolaryngologist, he has been collaborating with Diagnostični center Bled since 1993. He conducts a complete examination of the ears, nose, pharynx, and larynx. Due to his long-standing expertise he can advise and, if necessary, refer the examined patients to necessary diagnostic tests in specialized healthcare institutions.

prim. Jurij Leskovar md.

Collaborating with the Centre since January 2014, he performs expert tasks as a specialist urologist at the Urological clinic of the Ljubljana branch. During his long practice he learned that it is crucial to listen to the patient and advise in what way the problems can be eliminated as effectively and as fast as possible. Within the scope of all urological problems, he is especially interested in the field of functional disorders of the bladder.  In his work he always advocates a holistic approach to patient’s health and recommends contemporary methods in maintaining it.

Miljenko Lovrić md.

As an external associate, a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, he has been collaborating with Diagnostični center Bled since 2005. He performs orthopaedic examinations, consultations, orthopaedic treatment, and he is also involved in preventive examinations, since health checks are a part of the routine programme.

chief physician dr. Robert Marčun md.

He has been collaborating with DC Bled since 2006. He is involved in the treatment and outpatient follow-up of pulmonary and cardiac patients, and he performs non-invasive cardiac and pulmonary diagnostics. His basic examination tools are ultrasound of the heart and stress testing.

Nadja Ružič Medvešček md.

She has been collaborating with the Centre at the Cardiology clinic of the Ljubljana branch since 2011.

chief physician mag. Venčeslav Pišot md.

As an external associate, a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, he has been collaborating with Diagnostični center Bled since 2005. He performs orthopaedic examinations, consultations, orthopaedic treatment, and he is also involved in preventive examinations, since health checks are a part of the routine programme.

Matjaž Pustovrh md.

He has collaborated with Diagnostični center Bled since 2015. He carries out diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease in accordance with the latest medical knowledge.

Klemen Ravnihar md.

He has been working at Diagnostični center Bled in the field of orthopaedics since 2013. Mainly, he diagnoses and treats the diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, as well as sports injuries. At the Centre he performs outpatient therapeutic procedures within the orthopaedic clinics, and he regularly conducts arthroscopic orthopaedic surgeries and joint replacement surgeries.

Anže Resman md.

Anže Resman md.

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana in 2009. In 2010 he started his specialization in internal medicine and successfully completed it in 2016. All through his specialization he has been focusing on gastroenterology, which he would also like to carry on with in the future. He would like to broaden his knowledge in the entire field of gastroenterology, but is especially interested in endoscopic diagnostics and therapy.

doc. dr. Martina Ribič-Pucelj md.

She has worked at Diagnostični center Bled since 2000 as a contractual doctor, since she is regularly employed at the Gynaecological Clinic at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. She is a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics, she obtained a PhD in the field, and is an assistant professor of gynaecology and obstetrics as well. At DC Bled she performs screening exams (gynaecological examinations, cervical smear tests / PAP tests), ultrasound diagnostics, she advises about the course of treatment in various gynaecological problems, especially infertility, endometriosis and abnormal uterine bleeding, as well as providing second opinion.

She is a member of the European Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ESGE), the International Society for Gynecological Endoscopy (ISGE), and the World Endometriosis Society (WES).

Ksenija Šimnovec md.

asist. dr. Nina Slabe md.

mag. Srečko Štepec md.

asist. dr. Lovro Suhodolčan md.

He finished the Celje-Center Grammar School in 2000 with honours. During his studies at the Faculty of Medicine he received the Prešeren award. In 2007, he passed the professional exam and in 2008 he started his specialisation in orthopaedic surgery which he completed in 2014 with honours. Then he got employed at the Orthopaedic Clinic of the Ljubljana University Medical Centre. In 2013, he gained a PhD and became an Assistant at the University Department of Orthopaedics at the Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine.

As an Assistant Dr he conducts seminars for medical students, regularly publishes articles in the field of orthopaedic pathology and lectures at orthopaedic conferences.

He is employed at the department for spinal surgery at the Orthopaedic Clinic of the Ljubljana University Medical Centre. His field of specialisation is spinal pathology and he also treats patients with foot and ankle deformations. He has been working with the Diagnostic centre Diagnostični center Bled since 2014.

Brigita Švab md.

Before specialising in general surgery, she dedicated a lot of time to diagnostics and treatment of artery and vein diseases. After completing her specialisation, she spent a few months at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston to perfect her knowledge of vascular surgery. She got to know the modern way of approaching patients and vascular diseases. A year later she visited Maastricht with the same purpose. She has acquired a lot of knowledge which she has brought into her work at the hospital. In 2008, when she focused on vascular diseases, she started pursuing an independent career. She started performing a modern treatment of the inside of veins, first by laser and in the last year also with ClariVein. She mostly focuses on the holistic approach, from diagnosis to different ways of treating surface veins.

Zdravko Tošović md.

Zdravko Tošović md.

Working at Diagnostični center Bled since 2003, he has been engaged in gastroenterology with endoscopic diagnostics (gastroscopy, colonoscopy) and ultrasound diagnostics (regular ultrasound, endoscopic ultrasound and ultrasound-guided punch bioscopy), and medical treatment. He is an extremely professional and motivated endoscopic ultrasound specialist. He dedicates a lot of time and attention to the advancements in endoscopic ultrasound in gastroenterology.

Željko Vidaković md.

David Žižek md.

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