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What should I bring when staying at the Diagnostični center Bled?

When staying at our Centre or undergoing a specialist dispensary examination, patients must bring with them the following:

  • Health card
  • Valid identification
  • List of specific questions you might not remember upon your arrival
  • Medical documents/results of previous treatments or practitioner’s notes (e.g. discharge documents, laboratory test results, x-rays etc.).

Patients planning on staying at the Centre are advised to also bring along the following:

  • Nightwear
  • Robe, slippers
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries
  • Razor and shaving accessories
  • Prescribed medications
  • Entertainment: books, magazines, crosswordsSmall allowance (Surcharge for a higher standard of accommodation for all patients is 10 EUR per day. Necessary also when carrying out tests based on referrals.)
  • Close relative’s telephone number

Patients will also be provided towels, toilet paper and every other necessity. 

Upon your arrival at our Centre, patients will be accommodated in two-bed rooms, which they will share with a same-sex randomly selected patient. Every room is fitted with an air conditioning system, television set and coffee table, night stand and a large wardrobe for clothes and personal belongings. In addition to the room with two beds is also a balcony. Furthermore, each room comes with a bathroom containing a bathtub, toilet and the necessary toiletries (towel, toilet paper).

Patients attending examinations as an outpatient will not be accommodated in the rooms. Instead, they will be discharged after having completed the necessary tests

Patients are kindly asked not to bring with them any valuables, jewellery or large sums of money. However, when the above is unavoidable, patients are kindly invited to deposit cash and any objects of great value with the reception desk. An inventory will be drawn up, and the valuables will be deposited in the safety locker while the patient will be served with a receipt. The Centre assumes no responsibility for the theft or loss of personal belongings.

After completing the examinations, patients will consult the doctor and be served with discharge documents. Your GP will be informed of the test results. Generally, patients are discharged early in the afternoon. However, in case of scheduled examinations and tests, the discharge may be delayed until the late afternoon. 

In the event of meeting the medical criteria and in the event of the distance from the Centre, as well as at the request of your GP, you will be provided with transportation by ambulance. 

The practitioner carrying out the tests at the Centre will communicate with your GP, informing him or her of any possible findings regarding your medical condition discovered during the examination (diagnosis). 

Before discharge:

  • At the reception collect your discharge documents, which will also be sent to your GP by post. 
  • Return the room key
  • Ask for the cash and other valuables kept in the safety lockers during your stay 
  • Settle the fee for a higher standard of accommodation 10 EUR per day (for all patients).

How to schedule an appointment at the DC Bled (Bled, Ljubljana, Novo mesto)?

Scheduling a specialist examination at the Diagnostični center Bled is possible based on a referral by your GP or another practitioner, or based on self-funding. 

The scheduling office’s working hours are between 8 am and 1 pm, available at +386 (0)4 579 8000. 

The Diagnostični center Bled is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

To schedule an appointment at the Ljubljana unit call +386 (0)1 280 4660. To schedule an appointment at the Novo mesto unit call +386 (0)4 579 8000

In accordance with the Rules on the management of waiting lists and the maximum permissible waiting times for individual health services (OG of the RS no. 63/2010 dated 3 August 2010) entered into force in September 2010, patients looking to carry out tests or examinations at the Centre must first despatch via post your GP’s (or referral by another practitioner) original referral.

Patients are kindly asked to attach to the referral their telephone numbers. After having received the referral, we will contact our patients as soon as possible to schedule their visits and examinations at our Centre. 

Please send your examination and test referrals to be conducted at Bled or in Novo mesto to the following address: Diagnostični center Bled, Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia. In order to schedule the examinations and tests at the Ljubljana unit, please send your original referral to the following address: Diagnostični center Bled, Enota Ljubljana, Barvarska steza 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

When patients are unable to attend specialist examinations at the scheduled term and wish to re-schedule they are invited to contact the Diagnostični center Bled scheduling office, already contacted previously to arrange the first appointment, as soon as possible.

Bled, Novo mesto: +386 (0)4 579 8000
Ljubljana: +386 (0)1 280 4660

Where to submit comments and complaints regarding treatment at the centre?

We value comments by our clients regarding our work. Namely, they assist us in our care for our patients in a comprehensive and quality manner, improving the satisfaction of every participant, be it patient or doctor. 

Nonetheless, the occasional case of misunderstanding or dissatisfaction with our services may arise, and we would love to have your feedback. 

In case of any comments, suggestions or complaints regarding your stay at the Centre or any other aspect of our activities, please submit a complaint either orally or in writing to the following address: Diagnostični center Bled, Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled, Slovenia (contact: Marinka Krumpestar, Head Nurse). Your complaint will be resolved in the shortest time possible. 


Where to park (Bled, Ljubljana, Novo mesto)?

In Bled, parking immediately in front of the Centre is generally not possible due to the small number of available parking spaces. As a result, patients are instead invited to use the public car parks throughout Bled. Parking fee is required there. If you have the opportunity, we advise you to ask a relative to drive you to the examination.

In case of a visit exceeding two hours, patients may take advantage of the car park offering unlimited parking for a single fee. The nearest car park offering unlimited parking based on a single fee is located by the cemetery or school in Seliška cesta (road). Parking fee is required.

In Ljubljana, parking is possible in the immediate vicinity of the Centre, namely inside the Kapitelj multi-storey parking garage with direct access to the Centre via the lift, making the car parking wheelchair accessible. Parking fee is required.

In Novo mesto, you can park in the parking garage of the building where our unit is located, namely on the 2nd floor, from where there is also a direct access to the premises.


When should paying patients settle the necessary fees?

Following their examination, paying patients must settle the specialist examination fee at the corresponding clinic, either with cash or payment card. The following payment cards are accepted:

  • BA
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Karanta
  • Diners
  • American Express
  • Activa

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