You are always welcome in our Centre!

We will try our best to ensure that your examination goes as smoothly as possible.

On these pages you will find all the general information you will need at the arrival to our Centre, where you have an appointment for an outpatient specialist examination. In this case, you will not have to stay overnight. After the examination you will be able to go home.

Before the your arrival, set the date and time of the examination at our appointment scheduling service, which operates every weekday between 8:00 and 14:00. If for any reason you are unable to arrive at the appointed time, or if there is a possibility that you will be late for your examination, please let us know by calling the scheduling service (cancellation at +386 (0)4 579 80 00) or the reception (in case of a delay at +386 (0)4 579 81 01). In the event that the doctor with whom you have the appointment is detained, you will be immediately notified by phone or in writing.

We would like to inform you that in order to prevent the spread of infections facemasks are mandatory for both employees and patients in Diagnostični center Bled.

We hope that, despite being medically examined, you will feel as comfortable at the Centre as possible!

Before the arrival

At this site you can find information about everything that you need to do before you come to our Centre, and about the things that you will need for the examination.

After you have made an appointment at our Centre, we will send you a written notice and any additional instructions. The written notice shall indicate the date and time of the admission.

In the event that you have other unavoidable commitments on that day, please contact us as soon as possible by calling our scheduling service at 04 5798 100. If we are not notified that you are unable to attend your appointment, some other patient who could be having an examination instead of you will have to wait longer. In addition, our medical staff will have nothing to do during that time.


Do not forget to bring:

  • your health insurance card
  • all medications which you are taking,
  • a list of specific questions that you have, but might forget them upon arrival to the Centre

Upon arrival

here are specific instructions for each test and exam, which can be found on the pages which relate to that procedure. You can find the procedure in which you are particularly interested, under the Clinics tab. At this page, however, you can find a few general instructions and information about the waiting times, procedure performance, your written statement of consent, additional medical opinion and the medical information that we collect and store.

On the day of your exam, come to the reception of the Centre 15 minutes before the agreed hour. You will be received by an administrator who will enter your personal information in the computer and then notify the outpatient clinic nurse about your arrival.


Waiting for examination

We try to make sure that our patients do not wait more than 15 minutes from the pre-arranged appointment time until the actual examination by a doctor. We are happy to report that, in most cases, we succeed. Sometimes, however, there may be a delay. In this case, the Centre’s staff will notify you and tell you presumably at what time the doctor will be able to examine you.

Please be aware that at least one hour will pass between the pre-arranged time of the appointment and the time of your departure from the Centre.

Please, come on time to your examination, or rather 15 minutes before the scheduled time (for data entry). If you arrive well before the agreed time, this does not mean that we will be able to perform your examination sooner. The patients are scheduled at such intervals which allow the doctor to perform one certain examination. In the event, that you still arrive before the agreed time, you can wait for your exam into the reception hall.

Consenting to medical examination

Medical personnel will, at your request, further clarify the risks, benefits and possible alternatives to any proposed type of examination. The doctors at our Centre are highly qualified specialists, so there are relatively few cases when complications occur. However, every procedure carries a certain level of risk, and some of the expected types of complications may ensue.

In accordance with the established practice in all European medical centres, we will need you to sign a consent form prior to the examination. If you are unsure about any aspect of the proposed examination, please feel free to talk to our attending doctor who will be happy to explain any unclear notion.

Information about your medical condition

Upon arrival to the Centre, you will be asked about certain information relating mainly to your medical condition and risk factors, which will enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Why do we need this information?

This information would enable us to find as accurate diagnosis as possible, as well as provide the necessary treatment. The information is kept on file, together with the details about performed exams and tests, in case you visit again.

Who can access the information?

By law, we are obliged to treat the information about you and your medical condition as confidential. The access to this information is granted to our doctors and other health professionals who are bound by the code to keep it confidential. You are also entitled to access your medical records, although this might not be possible on the very day when you request it.

By law, the patient is entitled to three free annual photocopies of the obtained medical records. If you encounter a situation when you will need a photocopy, we need your written request (sent by mail or fax). We can only send a photocopy to you personally (and to no one else), so you will receive it by registered mail. You can also collect the documentation in person, with a personal document.

Patients with difficult medical cases

In more difficult cases, the doctor who performed your examination consults with other doctors, who meet on a daily basis. These meetings are attended by all doctors who are specialized in one of our core activities. In this way, you will get comprehensive instructions about the further treatment procedure.


Smoking is prohibited in the Centre and at its entrance. If you wish to obtain information on how to quit smoking, please feel free to contact a member of our medical staff.

Second opinion

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and expertise of the doctor who examines you. Our doctors are top experts, who attend training both at home and abroad.

However, in some circumstances you may wish to obtain an additional opinion by another doctor, either from our Centre or from elsewhere. If you have had your first examination at our Centre, we are able to provide a second opinion from the area of gastroenterology and urology, since these are our core activities in which several doctors are employed. However, if you first examination was conducted at another healthcare institution, we can provide additional opinion from all areas that are covered at our Centre (you can check the performed activities by clicking on Activities).

We suggest that, in the event that you would like to obtain a second opinion, you return to your general (personal) physician and discuss the process.

Upon departure

Upon completion of the examination, you will receive a medical report, which will be handed over to you at your departure or send by post. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and the behavior of the staff, but if you wish to provide feedback about our work, you can also do so on these pages.

After your examination is completed, you will return to the reception desk where they will tell you whether you will wait for the report at the reception hall, or the report will be delivered to you by mail. In the event that you cannot wait for the report, tell so at the reception, where they will make sure that it will be delivered to you by mail in a few days.

After you have completed your exam, in some cases, you may require additional or repeated diagnostic tests or procedures, to which you will be referred by our doctor. The receptionist will direct you to our appointment scheduling service, where you can arrange a suitable date and time for your next or additional examination.


Comments, suggestions and complaints

We hope that your visit of our Centre will be pleasant. Our staff will do everything in their power to ensure this. It may happen that our services will not be the way you expected them to be. In such case, we need to know this, because it is the only way to improve our Centre. Please, enter any comments or suggestions to improve the level of any health services into the Book of complaints and suggestions, which is located at the front desk and in every room, or do so on this site.

Respectful behaviour

You have the right to expect that our staff will always treat you and your visitors with kindness and respect. And vice versa – our staff has the right to carry out their work without fear of verbal, physical and racial harassment or abuse. At any incident of unacceptable behaviour, we will take appropriate action.

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