Outpatient clinic activity

On these pages you will find detailed information about the examination that you are interested in or that you were appointed by you own doctor. The information is also intended for anyone else who would like to find out more about individual clinics and the examinations which are performed at the Bled Diagnostic Centre.

We have included the basic presentation of individual clinics and described the examinations which are performed at these clinics. Each description of the examination contains the purpose of the examination and whether any special preparations are required. It is followed by a description of the procedure and possible additional procedures which are performed during the examination.

It also includes instructions for resolving possible problems or inconveniences, which may occur after the examination.

The histopathology and biochemistry laboratory plays an important role at our centre, as it helps our doctors give quick and comprehensive diagnoses. You can see the description of the activities of both laboratories, and the presentation of the pharmacy, on these pages.

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