Skin prick test

Skin prick test

Skin prick allergen tests are the most commonly utilized and the most reliable tests for an immediate demonstration of IgE antibody mediated allergic sensitization.

The test is easy to undertake, safe and does not overwhelm the patient.

The substances which are suspected of causing the allergy are introduced into the skin on the inner part of the forearm with a prick. The procedure is usually not painful, since only the epidermis is pricked.

We may use ready-made, commercially available solutions of different allergens, but often natural substances can be used for the test, e.g. first you can prick an apple and then, by using the same needle, the patient. By doing so, we introduce into the skin the minimum quantities of allergens. These trigger local reaction, which usually develops within the period of 15-20 min.

If the test is positive, the skin around the puncture turns red and a small itchy rash develops. The allergic response disappears within 1 hour. If the skin remains unchanged, the test is negative.

The test is not reliable in patients who have a diseased skin of the forearm. The results may be falsely negative in those taking allergy medications, so at least 1 week prior to the test, it is forbidden to take antihistamine tablets (Aerius, Allegra, Bilador, Claritin, Cezera, Dasselta, Dihalar, Dramina, Fenistil, Flonidan, Letizi Rinolan, Rupafin, Telfast, Zyrtec, Xyzal), and it is also not desirable to apply any anti-allergy ointments to your forearm.

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