Gastroscopy is the endoscopic examination of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum. Here we present the basic principles for understanding the procedure – how it is performed, to which purpose it serves and what are the possible side effects. The text cannot provide answers to all of your questions, so if you require additional clarification, please ask your personal doctor, or the doctor who conducts the examination.

A gastroscopy can also be performed:

  • UNDER ANALGOSEDATION (available in Bled unit) – where you are conscious but do not feel any pain. You may not drive vehicles for 24 hours after the analgosedation examination, so you will need an escort to get home.
  • UNDER DEEP SEDATION (available in Novo mesto unit) – where propofol is used and you sleep during the examination

Analgosedation and deep sedation is advised for those who are afraid of having a gastroscopy. Please contact the Diagnostični center Bled’s customer service department for more information.

Basic information about the examination

  • Refferal
  • Self-pay / Price list
  • Examination duration: 2h

Locations of gastroscopy examinations

  • Bled | Pod skalo 4, 4260 Bled
  • Ljubljana | Barvarska steza 4 (Vila Urbana), 1000 Ljubljana
  • Novo mesto | Ljubljanska cesta 28 (Bršljin), 8000 Novo mesto
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