Hydrogen breath tests

Hydrogen breath tests

Hydrogen breath test helps to identify the cause of bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

These problems may be a consequence of maldigestion of sugars such as lactose or fructose. If these sugars are not digested in the small intestine, they are consumed by the bacteria in the large intestine, and in the process, gases are produced. These gases are also partially excreted thorough lungs, which can be determined in the exhaled air.

The hydrogen breath test is a simple, reliable and does not cause discomfort to the patient.

After proper preparation, the subject drinks a certain amount of a test sugar on an empty stomach.

Ingestion of sugar can lead to abdominal bloating or passing stools.
Every half hour during the next 4-5 hours, the patient exhales into a plastic bag. The exhaled air is analysed for hydrogen and methane content. If the concentrations of both gases increase significantly, the test is positive.

In case of suspected lactose intolerance, we perform the test as self-paid service, without the referral from your physician. For more information, please call Diagnostični center Bled appointment scheduling service.

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